1. Don’t Let It Get You Down - Johnnyswim
2. Holocene - Bon Iver
3. Skin - Josh Record
4. Ritual Union - Little Dragon
5.  Sleeping At Night - Caught A Ghost
6.. Not Enough - Akouo
7. XO - John Mayer
8. Jungle Remix - X Ambassadors, Jay Z
9. Bloodflows - SOHN
10. Every Other Freckle - alt-J
11. Let Me In - Grouplove
12. Life Support - Sam Smith
13. Younger - Kygo Remix - Seinabo Sey
14. Nobody To Love - Sigma

Surprisingly (and unfortunately) there were no new artist discoveries this month —except for the fact I finally got around listening to Johnnyswim at the recommendation of my friend. Big thanks to her because I have fallen in love with their music. Other than a couple lively, road-trip friendly tunes in the playlist this month, most are quite mellow, which more or less reflects my feelings lately. Moving out of my apartment in New York this month was a big change for me. That expensive, half-bedroom apartment I shared with four other girls gave me a good sense of security, nevertheless. The fact that I had a place of my own to eat, sleep, and stay in made me feel like a legitimate New Yorker. Without it, I feel a bit stranded, but hopefully, I’ll return soon.

With that note, here’s another mellow (but soothing) song for y’all.

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